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TikTok Organic integration basics
TikTok Organic integration basics

Understand the integration process and data limitations when incorporating TikTok Organic data into your reports and dashboards.

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With the TikTok Organic integration, you can seamlessly incorporate TikTok account data, including Profile, Audience, and Video information, directly into your reports. This integration covers many metrics, such as reach, shares, audience activity, engagement, and much more.

However, before you dive in, it's essential to understand a few crucial points about how this integration works:

1. Account Type Requirement

Please note that this integration is designed exclusively for "Business Account" types on TikTok. TikTok's API does not provide data for general or personal users. Make sure your TikTok account is set up as a Business Account to utilize this integration.

2. Limitations in Historical Video Data

Metrics in the "Video" report type are available only from the day you connect your TikTok source. Unfortunately, due to the current state of TikTok's API, historical data for videos cannot be accessed immediately after the connection.

3. Delay in Metrics

Be aware that there is a 24-48 hours delay for certain metrics, including both profile and video data. This delay might impact the real-time accuracy of your reports and dashboards.

4. Date Range Limitations

Metrics in the "Profile" and "Audience" report types display data for the last 60 days before connecting your TikTok source. Extending this date range is possible, but only if you have the capability to store the data. We are actively working on adding TikTok Organic to our Data Transfer feature for seamless long-term data storage.

5. Understanding "Profile" Metrics

In the "Profile" report, metrics represent new numbers acquired within the specified date range, not the total numbers in the account. For instance, if you select the "Likes" metric within the last two weeks, the report will display all the new likes your videos received during this period, not the total number of likes on the account.

6. Audience Data Limitation

Please note that "Audience" data is unavailable for accounts with fewer than 100 followers. Ensure your TikTok account has reached this follower threshold to access audience-related metrics.
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