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BigQuery integration has been added to the channel list to connect with Whatagraph. This integration allows users to run SQL queries on petabyte-sized datasets in minutes. You can also upload huge datasets from various external sources for storage and analysis.

You can connect BigQuery to Whatagraph as one of the sources to use in reports here:

One thing to note while using BigQuery is the format. Here you can find an example of the recommended BigQuery dashboard preview that works with Whatagraph:

The date column is necessary to make sure that the date ranges work. First, we check for a field named Date. If that doesn't exist, we take the first field of any of these types: Date, Datetime, Timestamp. Any field of type Integer, Float, Numeric, or Bignumeric is treated as metrics, except for the ones named id or have _id in their name. The rest are treated as dimensions.

Once the format is correct, you can drag and drop widgets to your report:

Note: Since the structure of how the data is structured is in full control of our users, it will not automatically configure the widget and will need to be configured from scratch. Please select a metric for the widget to show any data:

For more information about BigQuery integration on Whatagraph, please see the video below:

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