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This article will take you through some of the most frequently asked questions on Data Transfer functionality inside Whatagraph.

What exactly is Data Transfer?

Data Transfer enables you to move siloed marketing data to a data warehouse (Google BigQuery). You control the final tables' appearance and which data is transferred.

Do you have a video that takes me through the setup process?

Can I visualize data from BigQuery in Whatagraph?

Yes, BigQuery works both as a source and as a destination.

Are all the integrations supported?

Yes, you can transfer data from any source connected to your Source management section.

Can I still test the feature if I don't have a BigQuery account?

You would not be able to test without a BigQuery account. However, creating one takes just a few moments and does not cost anything at first. Here is a list of steps to guide you through the creation of a new BigQuery account.

How long does it take to complete a transfer?

It depends on the integration. For instance, Google has certain limitations on how quickly they provide data via the API - for this reason, transfers would be slower for the Google family of integrations.

Here are some time estimates on how long it takes to transfer 1 day's worth of data:

  • Google Analytics - data for 1 day - 30 mins

  • Google Analytics 4 - data for 1 day - 60 mins

  • Other integrations - data for 1 day - 5 mins

Is there a limit on how much data I can move from a source to BigQuery using Whatagraph?

There are no limits enforced by Whatagraph. You can transfer as much data as a particular source has. For instance, if your Google Analytics has been collecting data since 2017 - you should be able to transfer all of that data.

Do I need to keep Whatagraph open until the transfer is finished?

No, the transfer will run in the background - while you can handle other business.

What happens if a source gets disconnected while data transfer is running?

You will receive an email notification/warning about it. Then, you will need to go back to the Data transfer section of Whatagraph and fix what broke the connection.

Then, it will be possible to re-sync the transfer and get data for missing days.

Is it possible to visualize multiple datasets from Google BigQuery in one report and widget?

Yes, you can do that using chart and multi-source table widgets

I only have a trial plan. Can I test Data Transfer?

Yes, but you might have some restrictions on historical data. You can create up to 5 data transfers; backfill is limited to 30 days.

I already have a paid plan. How can I try Data Transfer?

You should reach out to the live chat team or directly to your Customer Success Manager - who can activate and take you through the trial process.

How much does a data transfer cost?

You can use source credits to create new Data Transfers. Reach out to us via live chat for any more details.

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