2. Adding sources to a report

Learn how to add sources to your report and your source management

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Once you create a report, you can connect real data sources to track what's important to you. Below is a tutorial on how to add sources and connect them to a report.

Managing sources from a report

In your report, there are two ways to change sample data to the actual data: from the sample data message and from the Source drawer.

Step 1: Click on the Change option on the message that appears in the bottom left corner that your report is using sample data, or go directly to the Sources drawer:

Step 2: On the right side of your report, you will see the Sources drawer; click on the "Manage all sources" button:

Step 3: Once you are forwarded to the source management; choose the channel that you need for your report and click on the "Connect an account" button:

Step 4: Once you add an account, select which sources you want to connect:

Step 5: Go back to the report, and from the Sources drawer, click on the Change button next to the sample data source:

Step 6: Choose the source from the list and click on the "Save selection" button:

Note: To learn how to manage sources directly from the source management, check this article.

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