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How to invite a new user or team member to your Whatagraph account
How to invite a new user or team member to your Whatagraph account

Add Admins, Managers, and Editors to manage your reports.

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Would you like to add another member of your team to help you with your Whatagraph account? You don't have to do everything solo! You can add more users or team members to manage your reports on Whatagraph. Here's how.

Step 1: On your Home Screen, go to your initials on the top right corner and select "Settings" and "Manage Team":

Step 2: Go to "Manage team" on the left menu and then "Invite new user +".

Step 3: Enter the new user's email address, assign them to a specific role (Admin, Manager, or Editor), and then click "Send an invite".

For the Editor role, you can give them access to a specific folder(s). That way, this user will only be able to work in the assigned folder(s) as well as Home Screen. Admin and Manager roles have access to both Home Screen and all folders. Here's what the different roles mean:

Step 4: Let the new user know that they've been invited so they can check their email inbox and accept the invitation!

Note: You can change the role of a user or remove them by using the three dots menu here.

​If you have any questions or need additional help, please get in touch with our customer support via live chat or

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