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Adding BigQuery as a source

How to add BigQuery as a source to the source management

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When authorizing your Google account to use visualize data from BigQuery you might run into the following error from the Google side:

This error indicates that Whatagraph does not have the required third-party app permissions to access the data. However, there is an easy fix for this problem.

You can either take a look at a short video that takes you through the steps or follow them listed below:

  1. Log into your Google Admin Console (make sure you have full admin rights)

  2. Click on the three straight lines top left-hand side corner to access the settings

    1. click Security

    2. click Access and data control

    3. click API controls

  3. Locate and click 'MANAGE THIRD-PARTY APP ACCESS'

  4. Locate Whatagraph under 'Configured apps' or under 'Accessed apps'

  5. Once you found Whatagraph, click on the blue button to 'Change access'

  6. Follow the 3 steps inside Google to change access:

    1. Change the scope: select that you will change the access of 'all users'.

    2. Select Whatagraph as a Trusted application.

    3. Review the changes and click 'Change Access'

You are now ready to visualize data from BigQuery!

Once full Trusted access is granted, just give it a few minutes to inherit the changes. And you will just need to hard refresh your browser and try to authorize your BigQuery one more time.
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