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3. Adding widgets to a report

Learn how to add widgets to your report and how to apply specific settings to them

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Once you create a report, you should start adding widgets to it to show data in visually interesting ways. Below is a tutorial on how to add widgets and choose their settings.

Adding widgets to a report

Step 1. To add a widget to a report, click on a widget type of your choice on the right side of the screen and, drag it to the grid, then drop it:

Note: You can choose widgets from Pre-made, Charts, Widget templates, and Offline data sections.

Widget settings and where to find them

Three drawers allow you to customize your widgets. They are called Data, Titles, and Settings, and you can find them here:

Data drawer

The Data drawer allows you to choose a metric, dimension, report type, filters, and others depending on your channel:

You can also change a metric name or remove an icon used in a single-value widget from this drawer by clicking on the three dots next to the metric name:

Titles drawer

The Titles drawer allows you to change the title of the widget and add a description:

Note: If your widget is too small, the title and description will not be displayed. You should either resize your widget or rename the metric instead.

Settings drawer

The Settings drawer allows you to change the currency sign, number display after a comma, comparison data format, hide the footer, and edit the colors:

Note: Different widget types have different settings. If you choose a table widget, you will see additional settings that allow you to enable summary row, scrolling, and show zebra stripes:

Using a different source to add a widget

Step 1: To choose another source for a new widget, go to the Widgets drawer and click on the Change option here:

Step 2: Select All channels or the Report sources drawer. Report sources show sources that are already added to your report:

Step 3: Select a source and click on the "Save selection" button:

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