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How to create Multi-source breakdown tables?
How to create Multi-source breakdown tables?

This article explains how to add multiple sources to a table widget in the reports.

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Have you ever wanted to see results from multiple sources in one table widget? You can do that by adding the multi-source breakdown table widget. This widget type allows you to add multiple sources as rows to a table and group metrics together in columns. Below is a guide on where to find it and how to use it.

Step 1: Open any report and look for the widget in the "Build your own" section in the widget drawer.

Step 2: Once you drag and drop the widget into your report, pick all the sources you want to add to the table.

Note: The current limitation is 50 sources.

Step 3: Choose the metrics and name them in the "Mapped Metrics" section.

For more information on Multi-source breakdown tables, please see the video below:

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