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How to create custom widgets?
How to create custom widgets?

Here you will find the build your own custom widgets you can add to your Whatagraph reports.

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There might be widgets that you would like to add to the report that cannot be found in the "Pre-made" section. In this case, you'll need to use the "Charts" tab to build the desired widget for your report. These widgets can be found in the following section of the report's editor.

Custom widgets available on Whatagraph:

Image (Allows you to add your own images to your report)

Text (Allows you to add a comment section)

Report Calendar (Allows you to add a calendar to show the date ranges of your report)

Single Value (Allows you to insert own data values)

Table (Allows you to create a table of your own values)

List (Allows you to create a list of items based on a set of parameters)

Line chart (Allows you to create a line chart of own values)

Vertical Bar chart (Allows you to create a bar chart of own values)

Horizontal Bar chart (Allows you to create a bar chart of own values)

Area chart (Allows you to create an area chart of own values)

Pie chart and donut chart of values (Allows you to create a pie chart of own values)

Goal (Allows you to represent performance for various metrics and sources)

Funnel (Allows you to represent performance in a funnel chart)

Compact and Expanded Media widgets (Allows you to show campaign images, post images and etc.

Multi-source breakdown table widgets (Allows you to add several sources to the table widget if you would like to see multiple source data in one widget)


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