Linked reports are reports that are linked to a single master template, and any changes to the master template will automatically affect all linked reports. This is a great feature if you want to use the same report layout for multiple clients.

First of all, you need to select the report, you would like to use as a master template.

Step 1:

Open the report and click on "Actions" to save the report as a team template:

Step 2:

Go to the client's folder, where you want to have a linked report, and create a report from the template:

Step 3:

Choose team templates from the template gallery, and find the report you want as a master template:

Step 4:

Hover over the report and click on three dots, where you need to click the option "Create and link to the template":

This will create a linked report in the client folder you have selected. The linked report will be indicated by the "Linked" message in the report itself and also in the report list as well.

Note: The same step can be followed to create a linked report in another client's folder.

Step 5:

If you will need to apply changes in the master template, you will simply need to go to team templates and click on the option "Edit template".

While editing the template, the following message will pop up, which will let you know that any changes that you will make will affect linked reports as well:

For more information on how to create linked reports, please check the video below:

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