Creating custom widgets

Learn how to build custom infographics for your report using Build your own widgets

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Using Build your own widgets you have the ability to create your own widgets by selecting a type of graph to show and by assigning a metric to it, straight from the API library.

So if there is a widget you cannot find, you can build it yourself. Here's how.

Step 1. To access Build your own widgets, click here in your report:

Step 2. Select a type of widget and drag it over to the report.

Step 3. Click on the widget to open the settings bar. Here you can add widget title, description and assign metrics and/or dimensions.

Depending on the type of graph you've selected, you can find more actions available to jazz up your custom widget:

1. You can add/change or remove the widget icon:

2. Add and delete columns in a table:

3. Choosing a metric/dimension that you would like for the widget to be sorted by:

4. Switching to a different report type

5. Adding filters to your data.

Step 4. When you are happy with the widget, you can easily save it as a widget template. Saved widgets can be found under "Widget templates".

For more information about build your own widgets, please see the video below:

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