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Widget level filters for widgets
Widget level filters for widgets

Here is a quick guide on how to split your data by campaign / ad group / ad set / or ad

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This article will help you to understand how to apply a filter on a widget. This can help you to see the data from specific campaigns, ad groups, ad sets, or ads.

Step 1. Once you create a report and choose a channel, please click on the widget that you wish to filter, and there will be a field to choose a Metric, which you have to specify to a specific filtering group you wish to get the data for. This core principle is the same for all integrations that have filtering available in their API:

Step 2. When you click on the "Add a filter" it will bring you to a window where you can choose to filter out dimensions or metrics:

Step 3. After choosing a dimension or a metric, you will be able to choose an action by clicking on the "Select value":

Step 4. Lastly, please enter a keyword or, in this case, the name of the campaign that you would like to filter out and click on the "Apply filter" button.

For more information about widget-level filters, please see the video below:

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