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Widget level filters for widgets
Widget level filters for widgets

Here is a quick guide on how to split your data by campaign / ad group / ad set / or ad

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This article will help you to understand how to apply a filter on a widget. This can help you to see the data from specific campaigns, ad groups, ad sets, or ads.

Step 1: Once you create a report and choose a channel, please click on the widget which you wish to filter and there will be a field to choose a Metric, which you have to specify to a specific filtering group you wish to get the data for. This core principle is the same for all integrations which have filtering available in their API:

Step 2: When you click on the "Add a filter" it will bring you to a window where you can choose to filter out dimensions or metrics:

Step 3: After choosing a dimension or a metric, you will be able to choose an action by clicking on the "Select value":

Step 4: Lastly, please enter a keyword or in this case the name of the campaign that you would like to filter out and click on the "Apply filter" button.

For more information about widget level filters, please see the video below:

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