When you sign up with Whatagraph, you give us permission to see your data so we can generate reports for you. Sometimes the access you initially granted gets revoked by the analytics provider, and we stop seeing your data which prevents further report generation.

There might be a number of reasons why the access gets automatically revoked:

1. Access was manually revoked.
2. Your data account gets temporarily locked.
3. You were asked to change the password due to security reasons (when analytics thinks your account has been compromised).
4. The analytics provider has an issue on their end that we can't control.

By verifying the access to your analytics accounts, you re-grant us permission to view your data again so we can generate full data reports for you.

Note: Until the access is verified, your reports will show a "Source verification" error.

You can check the status of your data access, and verify the connection if needed, at all times on your Source Management page.

In the Activity Panel, you will see how many sources need to be verified, and you will be redirected to the source management when you click on "Manage your sources".

There you will be able to find which integration and which sources need to be verified and you will be able to verify them by clicking "Verify broken sources access".

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