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Integrations missing historical data
Integrations missing historical data

Learn which integrations don't have historical data

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Have you ever connected an Instagram source and wondered why you're seeing zeros in your report? This happens because Instagram is one of the integrations that doesn't have historical data. Your performance data will be building up each day, and you will be able to generate reports for any period starting from the moment you add your account to Whatagraph. For example tomorrow you will be able to do a daily report, after a week weekly, etc.

Here's the full list of integrations that don't have historical data:

  1. Instagram Business

  2. LinkedIn

  3. Twitter

  4. Pinterest Organic

  5. Mailchimp

  6. Active Campaign

  7. Klaviyo

  8. Campaign Monitor

  9. Hubspot (missing some historical data)

  10. Ahrefs (missing some historical data)

  11. Semrush (missing some historical data)

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