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In this article you can find frequently asked questions about data transfer function.

Q: Can I use BigQuery integration to visualize data from the warehouse, and not use the data transfer?

A: Yes, both functions are working separately

Q: Why there are more integrations in Whatagraph's source management than in the data transfer function?

A: They are developed separately and not connected to each other directly sometimes. We keep adding integrations to our Data transfer function, so soon you can expect more integrations there too. Here is the list of integrations, which can be used in Data transfer.

Q: If one don't have a BQ account, can they still test or use the data transfer feature?

A: No, but the BQ is fairly easy to set up for testing and further use. Here is a list of steps to do.

Q: How much time do data transfers take?

A: It depends on the integration. Because Google has limits, how they provide data through API, for Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4 you will need to wait longer, than other integrations. Below you can find approximate time to get data of one day from a source to the data warehouse:

  • Google Analytics - data of 1 day - 30 mins

  • Google Analytics 4 - data of 1 day - 60 mins

  • Other integrations - data of 1 day - 5 mins

Q: Is there a limit on how much data I can move from a source to BigQuery using Whatagraph?

A: There are no limits implied by Whatagraph. You can get as much data as you have in your account of that marketing source. For example - if you have data from 2019 in your Google analytics account - this means you can get data from that time.

Q: Do I need to keep Whatagraph open until the transfer is finished?

A: No you don't.

Q: What happens if a source is disconnected - manually or because of an error - while data transfer is running?

A: You will get an email notification about it. You will need to go back to Data transfer section of Whatagraph, check and fix what is disconnected. Then it will be possible to re-sync transfer and get data for missing days.

Q: Is it possible to visualize multiple datasets from Google BigQuery in one report and widget?

A: Yes, you can do that using chart and multi source table widgets

Q: How can trial users test out Data transfer?

A: Data transfer function is available for all trial users

Q: What are limitations for trial users when using Data transfer?

A: While they are on trial version, users are able to create up to 5 transfers, and backfill is limited to 30 days

Q: How can existing clients test out Data transfer?

A: They can reach out to their account manager and ask for some free Data transfers and test them out

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