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The goal widget has been updated! Read more to find out what has been upgraded.

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The goal widget has been improved. This is a quick walk-through article on what's new.

So why is the update important?

  • Before, it wasn't possible to sync your goal widgets with the report calendar. Now you will be able to do so!

  • As a result, you can now automate the reports with goal widgets in them with ease!

  • You'll find some more pre-made date ranges to track your progress

So how did the widget work before? As you can see, it had the calendar settings. However, it was impossible to sync them with the report or choose any pre-sets.

Now the calendar section has the "Restore to Report date" button too!

By clicking this specific button, you will sync the widget with the main report calendar.

Additionally, as it was mentioned before, there are many pre-set date ranges prepared for you to choose from:

Of course, custom date ranges will still be available.

Please keep in mind that the current goal widgets that were created in the reports previously would need to be changed manually to a specific pre-set option or synced with the reports manually.

Feel free to watch our video presentation as well!

If you have any questions regarding this update or anything else, don't hesitate to contact our support team!

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