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LinkedIn permissions and where to find them
LinkedIn permissions and where to find them

This article explains where to locate LinkedIn permissions and which permissions are necessary to add or verify your source

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Are you trying to add or verify a LinkedIn source and having trouble with it? The issue might be related to permissions. In this article, we will show you where to find your permissions and what they should be.

Organization Roles

LinkedIn Pages offer Super admin and Content admin roles. These roles can be granted to members, associated employees, and advertisers.

Note: You would need to have either of the following roles. 'ADMINISTRATOR', 'ANALYST', 'CURATOR', 'CONTENT_ADMINISTRATOR', 'LEAD_CAPTURE_ADMINISTRATOR'

Where to find your role

Step 1: After logging into your account, click on your profile photo, and in the "Manage" section, you should be able to find your page. Click on it.

โ€‹Step 2: After clicking on it, you should be able to see an option for Settings, and clicking on it should lead you to the "Manage admins" section here:

โ€‹Step 3: You can check your role or anyone else's role in your team by checking the role name here:

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