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How to connect your BigCommerce account to Whatagraph
How to connect your BigCommerce account to Whatagraph

BigCommerce integration setup instrucions

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In order to connect your BigCommerce account to Whatagraph, you will need Store Hash and access token. In this article you will find information how to create and find them.

Create API account.

First, log in to your BigCommerce account. In left side menu, go to Advanced settings, and then - API accounts.

Click on Create API Account, and then - Create V2/V3 API token

After this you will need to give your account a name.

Also, you will see an API path, in this structure:

Here you will find a store hash, which you will need when connecting your BigCommerce account to Whatagraph.

Next step - select OAuth scopes, which will be needed for your account. You should set these permissions:

Content: Read only

Check out content: None

Customers: Read only

Customers Login: None

Information & Settings: Read only

Marketing: Read only

Orders: Read only

Order Transactions: Read only

Create Payments: None

Get Payments Methods: None

Stored Payments Instruments: None

Products: Read only

Themes: None

Carts: None

Checkouts: Read only

Sites & Routes: Read only

Channel Settings: Read only

Channel Listings: Read only

Storefront API tokens: None

Storefront API Customer Impersonation Tokens: None

After you set the permissions, save the account and you should get a pop-up window with your Client ID, Client Secret, and Access Token. Please make sure to save this information somewhere because there is no way to find this information again. If you are using Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, a text file containing this information will be downloaded to your computer.

Connect BigCommerce account to Whatagraph

Login to your Whatagraph account.

Locate to 'Manage sources' menu and choose a relevant client folder you wish to connect BigCommerce to:

Choose “BigCommerce” from the list of Integrations:

Then press + New account and add required details:

After that - press Add account, and you can start building your first report, using your BigCommerce data.

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