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Moving reports to folders: a step-by-step guide
Moving reports to folders: a step-by-step guide
Here is a step-by-step article that will guide you through this feature
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Here is what you would need to do if you want to move your report to a folder:

Let's say that I want to move the "New campaigns" report to the Client 1 folder.

Step 1: I would have to hover over the report and click on the three dots. Then I would select the second option called "Move to folder".

Step 2: Now, I would have to select which folder I want this report to be moved to. In this case, let's select the Client 1 folder.

Step 3: Then you will see this screen which gives you two options: 1. Move the report and keep the sources assigned. 2. Move the report without connected sources by converting it to sample data.

Tip: Click on "View sources" to check which sources are connected to the report before making your choice.

Step 4: Once you decide, don't forget to click "Agree and move" to save your changes. (I chose the option where I would keep the sources attached)

As you can see, the report is now moved!

Now, what if you want to reuse the same report again without keeping the attached source? We've got you covered!

Step 1: Firstly, you would have to duplicate the report.

Step 2: Repeat the same thing as before. Click on "Move to folder".


You can also go into your report, click on "Actions" and then you will get the "Move to folder" option there as well.

Step 2: Repeat the same process. Select the folder you would like to move your report to. In this case, I will choose a different one called the Client 2 folder.

Step 3: In case you will want to change sources, you can select the other option, or you can do that later once you open the report.

And you're done!

If you wish to read more about the feature itself and check which limitations the feature has, please check the following article here!

For more information about how to move reports to folders, please see the video below:

If you will have any other questions or feedback regarding this feature, don't hesitate to contact us!

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