We are excited to present a new feature that was highly requested in our Feature Request section - the "Multi-source table" widget allowing you to add multiple sources in a single table to give you a broader view of your data across different platforms.

In short, with this new type of widget, you can add multiple sources as rows to a table.

And group metrics together in columns.

Here's a deeper dive:

1. Open any report and look for the new widget in the "Build your own" section in the widget drawer.

Drag and drop the "Multi-source breakdown" widget to your report:

"Multi-source breakdown" widget

2. Pick all the sources you want to add to the table.

Please note that the current limitation is 50.

3. Then, "Map the metrics" (which means choose a name for the column and pick the metrics you want to be displayed in the column for each source).

And there you have it - a table of your dream showing the metrics that you like over the integrations that you want on the platform that you adore!

We're also attaching a quick video tutorial for using Multi-source Table widgets for further information:

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