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How to display cumulative data
How to display cumulative data

Learn how to show cumulative data and in your reports.

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Have you ever wanted to show cumulative data in your report? When using column, bar, or line chart widgets in Whatagraph reports, you now have the option to display it.

The difference between cumulative and non-cumulative data is that cumulative data displays the total amount of information that’s been gathered over a period of time, whereas non-cumulative data shows the amount of information gathered only at a certain point in time.

Step 1: Go to the report and click on the "Make changes" button at the top right corner of the report. Then, please choose "Charts" to build your own widget.

Step 2: Drag and drop the column, bar, or line chart widget to your report. Then, you can click on the metric and go to settings. Once you do that, you have the option to press "cumulative data".

Note: To remove cumulative data from your widget, you would need to click on the metric, go to settings again and de-select the "cumulative data option".

For more information about cumulative data in your reports, please see the video below:

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