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Facebook Ads showing incorrect data
Facebook Ads showing incorrect data

Learn why your Facebook Ads source is showing incorrect data and how to fix that

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Have you ever run into an issue where your Facebook Ads data is showing up incorrectly in your report? This can happen due to a couple of reasons.

Step 1. Double-check if your campaigns or ads are using the same attribution settings. If the attribution window differs, you must create a custom formula to show the accurate data.

Step 2. Double-check if your custom formula is set up properly (there are no unnecessary mathematical signs or values. The formula would make sense if you put it down on paper).

Step 3. Double-check if your source or widget filter is set up properly and has all of the necessary fields filled in. If your filter isn't working with "Contains", please try using "Includes".

If these steps didn't help you to resolve the issue, please reach out to our customer support team via chat or email

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