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Find out how to automate your reports.

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Step 1. To automate a report, make sure that you have selected one of the pre-made date ranges from the calendar settings. Do not use Custom Period as this will not work with the report automation feature. This applies to both the main date range and the comparison period.

Step 2. Click on "Actions" and then "Automate report".

Step 3. Select how often you would like your report to be sent (Sending Frequency) and on which day the report would be sent (Delivery day), as well as the Time and the Time zone. You can choose whether you want to review the report before sending it or have it sent automatically without a review.

Step 4. Enter the report recipients' email addresses at the bottom of the automation settings for your reports and click "Automate report".

Please note, if you select "I'll review before sending", the report will need to be reviewed otherwise it will not be sent.

If you do not plan to add comments or summaries to the report and do not want to review the data before sending it, feel free to go for "Send reports without my review".

You'll be able to find your automated report under the Automated category on your Home Screen or folder, separated from the regular reports.

Data Gathering stage: When the report is in the data-gathering stage, you can still edit the stats and automation settings when you click on the three dots on the right side next to the "Show history" button.

Review stage: When the report is in the review status, you can approve it for delivery by selecting "Review / open" in the menu by clicking on the three dots. You will also receive a reminder in your email.

If you click on "Review / open" it will take you to the report where the widgets can still be edited. Once you are done, you can click on the "Done review".

Ready for Sending stage: After that, you should be taken back to your folder, where the report status should be changed to "Ready".

After the report is sent, it enters the "automation cycle" once again, starting at the data-gathering stage. You can also check your automated report history by clicking on the "Show history" button on the left side.

How are automated reports listed:

The list order of automated reports is determined by automated report creation, report editing, automation setting changes, or when the report is moved to “Review” or “Ready” status. Any of these changes will cause the report to be moved to the top of the list.

If you want to customize the email style used to send the automated report, check this article.

For more information about report automation, please see the video below:

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