Creating single value widgets

Here is a quick guide in how to create your single value widgets

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A single value is the most simple and most commonly used widget type among our users. Here are a couple of steps in how to create one.

Step 1: Select the source you want the widget for by pressing "Choose a channel".

Step 2: Select your source, for the demonstration purpose we'll use Facebook Page integration.

Step 3: Hover over the Pre-made section and select the "Build your own" option and choose a Single value widget and just drag it into your report

Step 4: In order to select a different metric or make changes to the widget you need to click on it and you will see the widget settings menu appear on the right-hand side:

Step 5: Click on the metric field to select your desired metrics and don't forget to press the "Update" button!

For more information about Single Value widgets, please see the video below:

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