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Learn about Overview functions and use cases

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Overview is a dashboard for internal use that helps you track all your clients’ KPIs in a single window. The dashboard solves a lot of problems at once, so here are the main ones.

  1. No single place to track all your clients’ KPIs;

  2. All reports and dashboards are client-facing and never usable for internal goal tracking;

  3. Need to use multiple software tools to see those KPIs in a single place.

  4. Need to manually update large, unwieldy spreadsheets constantly.

For every problem in KPI tracking internally, Overview has a solution prepared. Maybe even for problems you didn’t know you had. Here are some things Overview does best:

  • Provides an overview of all client folders in a single board.

  • Like every other Whatagraph feature, Overview is available to use immediately, with current data sources.

  • Overview eliminates the need to use multiple tools to track your KPIs. No more switching between external tabs!

Here is a short video on how to create your first Overview:

Here is how you can change the Overview date period:

Click on the button below to start creating your first Overview in your dashboard!

If you have any questions or need additional help, please get in touch with our customer support via live chat or

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