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The dangers of sharing a single Facebook Business Manager log-in
The dangers of sharing a single Facebook Business Manager log-in

Are you and your teammates sharing a single Facebook Business Manager log-in? Learn more about the dangers associated with this practice.

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If you work at a large agency or an in-house marketing team, chances are you and your teammates are sharing a single log-in (such as to access your Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager account.

Truth is, this poses some prominent dangers and makes your account extremely vulnerable for a potential takeover. Apart from the inconvenience, there are some more serious risks involved:

  • The account can be easily hacked as having many users associated with the same account will prevent you from effectively using two-factor authentication;

  • Your Ads account can be compromised, malicious accounts can run their own ads in the background and benefit from your budget without any suspicion from your side;

  • Password needs to be changed frequently if there's a high employee turnover, otherwise, the non-disclosure agreement can be broken;

  • Connecting your Facebook Page to third-party sources like Whatagraph is dependent on a single person.

Here at Whatagraph, we strongly recommend granting permissions to Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager through your own personal Facebook profile.

As well as being a safer alternative, which would minimize the risk of your account being hacked, it also proves to be a much more convenient way to manage your social profiles.

Moreover, any team member who has access to the Facebook Business Manager account will be able to add Facebook pages as sources to Whatagraph. This way, if you'll have a source error or the person who initially added the source no longer works for you, you will be able to solve the issue yourself.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact our customer support team via chat or email

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