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How to select more than one widget?
How to select more than one widget?

Learn how to choose more than one widget, duplicate and move them to another tab

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To speed up your work with the reports, you can select multiple widgets to move/duplicate/delete and even move them to another tab. Which makes the report creation much quicker and easier. Follow the steps provided below to learn more about how you can achieve this.

Selecting multiple widgets

If you would like to select more than one widget, press "Command" (CMD) or "Control"(CTRL) keys and then click on the widgets that you would like to group:

Moving Widget Group

When more than one widget is selected, the widget group can be moved to another space in the report by clicking on the "Move Group" option:

Duplicating or Removing Widget Group

In the widget group settings, you have an option to either duplicate the widgets or remove them:

Grouping/Duplicating widgets and moving them to another tab

After duplicating the widgets that you would like to move to another tab, select them and click "Move to tab". After clicking on this option, the widgets will be moved to the tab of your choice. This will save you time, instead of creating new widgets from scratch.

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