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How to create and use data blends?
How to create and use data blends?

This short article explains what data blends are and how to create them from scratch

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A data blend is a custom-created data source that you can structure by merging dimensions and metrics from various data sources already connected to your account. This allows you to combine data from different sources and create a more comprehensive view of your performance. More specifically it can help with quicker navigation when building the report, data aggregation, displaying multiple data sources in one widget, and much more.
Below you will find steps that you need to follow if you wish to create your custom data blends:

1. You need to click on the 'Create New' button in the Organize space or click on 'Create a new blend' inside the report source drawer.

2. Once the blend window opens up, start by selecting the data sources you wish to use inside the blend.

3. Select the dimensions & metrics you wish to use inside the blend. Please remember that the sources must share something in common (e.g. Date or Year, month dimension).

4. Select the join type that you wish to use, then select the dimensions that will be your join keys (they should be dimensions that you know will have the same values across the different data channels).

P.S. In most cases you will likely only need the 'Full outer' join - read more here.

5. Give it a name and a description.

6. Select and use it inside a report.

In case of any questions do not hesitate to message the live chat for instant help!

For a more comprehensive and detailed overview please refer to the video below:

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