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Deprecated Metrics, Dimensions, and Report Types
Deprecated Metrics, Dimensions, and Report Types

This article will explain why a deprecated metric/dimension/report types message can appear in your reports and will help to solve it.

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How do metrics, dimensions, or report types in the API become deprecated?

Each integration constantly makes updates to its metrics and dimensions lists. With each update, they might add a handful of new metrics or dimensions which become available but consequently, they might have to get rid of some metrics or dimensions from their older API versions. Even if we wanted to keep them on Whatagraph, this is unfortunately beyond our control.

Why do they become deprecated?

  1. The Integration decided that the metric/dimension/report type is not beneficial to their users;

  2. The Integration noticed that the metric/dimension/report type does not return accurate data;

  3. The Integration wishes to improve the speed and stability of its API;

  4. The integration added a new similar metric/dimension/report type as a replacement;

  5. The Integration can no longer retrieve the metric/dimension/report type based on updated privacy regulations.

How can I update my reports to make sure there are no deprecated metrics/dimensions or report types?

  1. You happened to notice a similar error in any of your widgets:

  2. Open the widget settings and check the metric/dimension/report type that you have selected:

  3. Look for a new updated metric/dimension/report type or a different metric/dimension/report type that can act as a replacement:

  4. Check your reports and templates in case any of them are using the deprecated metrics/dimensions/report types;

  5. Save the updated version of the reports or templates.

    Please check this video to see how you can change the deprecated metrics:

    Please let us know if this article was able to help you, and do not hesitate to contact the live chat for further assistance.

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