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How to use funnel charts
How to use funnel charts

Learn how to visualize data using funnel charts in your Whatagraph reports.

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Have you ever wanted to display values at different stages of a process in your reports? You can do that by using our funnel widget. Funnels enable you to easily track value changes, assess performance, and identify potential issues within the process.

A typical sales funnel chart can start with visitors on top, then narrow down to leads, then qualified leads, and closed deals at the very end. A typical advertising campaign funnel chart can visualize impressions -> reach -> clicks -> sessions -> offer views, etc,

Step 1. Go to the report and click on the "Make changes" button.

Step 2. Select the "Build your own" section on the right side of the report. There you will find a widget called "Funnel". Drag the funnel widget to your report. Once you click on the widget, you will see options to change a metric or add a new one.

Step 3. In this view can also apply a filter or switch to a different source/channel if needed.

Note: Data in each funnel stage will be represented as different portions of 100%.

For more information about the funnel widget, please see the video below:

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact our customer support team via chat or email

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