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Customize your reports with your own logo and colour schemes

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Customize your reports

The white-label settings can be set on three different levels:

  1. Global team level

  2. Report level

  3. Widget level

Creating the global colour and custom branding theme and setting it as active will ensure that from that point onwards any new report will inherit those settings automatically. Please bear in mind that old reports will not inherit the new global theme.

Customize your emails

You can edit the contents of the email in which your reports will arrive.

Custom domain

Custom domain feature allows you to change the domain to any other domain and personalize your report emails with your own company name.
​This means whenever an automated report is sent or shared, your company's subdomain will be visible in the sender field.

Also, with this option, you can replace the standard Whatagraph web report URL to one branded to your company name. So instead of seeing, you would see

In order to set it up please reach out to us via live chat.

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