If you have connected your account (email address) that has access to your Google Analytics account and you still can't find it listed on Whatagraph as a source that you can add, you may check the following 2 things:

  1. Check which property you have for the source you want to add. Is it a GA3 (Universal Analytics) or GA4 (Google Analytics 4) property?

    A GA3 property would have a Tracking ID that starts with "UA-", while a GA4 property would have a Measurement ID that starts with "G-". Examples below.

    Go to Admin, and then Property Settings. If you see a Tracking ID, then it's a GA3 account:

    You will be able to connect a GA3 source through our Google Analytics integration:

    If you don't have a Tracking ID, that means you have a GA4 account. You can find your Measurement ID by going to Admin (make sure that you have the right account and the property selected). In the Property Column, click Data Streams, then click your Web data stream. Your Measurement ID will be there:

    You will be able to connect a GA4 source through our Google Analytics 4 integration:

  2. If you have a GA3 (Universal Analytics) property and you still can't find it listed on Whatagraph after you connect your account, you might want to check if you have a Web property or a Mobile App / Apps property.

    The Web property would have a view like this on your GA account:

    At the moment, our Google Analytics integration can only support the Web property.

    If you have the "Apps and Web" property - good! It is now known as the GA4 property and you can connect it through the Google Analytics 4 integration.

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