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How to add PDF attachments to your automated report emails and have your old automated reports stored in your Whatagraph account.

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If you have been automating your reports, you may have noticed that we have this option available at the bottom of your report automation settings:

As mentioned there, to activate this feature, please contact our Customer Success team as this will be an add-on to your plan that comes with a small additional fee.

This PDF feature will generate PDF files of your automated reports and attach them to the emails sent to your reports' recipients. This way, you'll have the PDF as an attachment where not only you can download the report right away, but you can also just preview it.

Along with the PDF attachments, this additional feature will also give you an extra benefit which is the storage of your past automated reports. This way, you'll be able to download your old automated reports whenever you need them:

Send us an email at cs@whatagraph.com or reach out to us via live chat to activate this feature!

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