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Meta sources not appearing
Meta sources not appearing
Learn why your Meta source like Instagram, Facebook Page or Facebook Ads do not appear on the list of available sources
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Have you ever tried connecting your Meta account to add new Instagram, Facebook Page, or Facebook Ads sources but unsuccessfully? This may happen due to the lack of permission.

Step 1: Please go to your source management, select the channel like Instagram, Facebook Page, or Facebook Ads, and click on the button indicating a new account connection:

If you already have a few accounts added, please click on the "Add new +" here:

Step 2: Once you are forwarded to Facebook, please choose to "Edit settings":

Step 3: Please double-check if all of the needed Instagram, Facebook Page, and Facebook Ads sources are ticked on the lists here:

Note: If you want to connect your Instagram source, please make sure that the Facebook Page that is linked to that Instagram source is also ticked on the list.

Step 4: Please enable all of the permissions in the following window and click on the "Done" button here:

For more information about Meta sources that don't appear on the list, please see the video below:

If the source is still unavailable to connect to your source management since it doesn't appear, please contact our customer support via live chat or email

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