Have you ever deleted a source by accident? Or struggled with understanding how the Source Management section works?

With the recent updates, we're hoping that this won't ever be the case anymore.

Here's what was changed:

  • Connected & Available sources are divided into separate tabs so that you don't experience any confusion:

  • You can now add new sources from the list of Available sources by clicking on "Add new sources" and simply selecting from the list:

  • The number of reports each source is connected to has also been added in the "Connected sources" section:

  • Updated call-to-action buttons to make it clear & inform you better on what will happen next once pressed:

  • When attempting to delete the source by clicking on "Delete", the confirmation modal will pop up describing the results once you remove the source & a requirement to type "DELETE".

    This module was added to prevent the accidental removal of the sources:

👉 For more information about Source Management, please see the video below:

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