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Most common reasons why you cannot verify channel sources
Most common reasons why you cannot verify channel sources

A list of potential reasons why your source access could break

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Here is a list of the most commonly known reasons why the sources cannot be verified:

  1. Active Ad-blocker extensions in a browser, or any applications that have a similar feature.

  2. You are currently logged into the wrong channel account with no access to the sources.

  3. Permissions to the sources were revoked by a client or by someone else.

  4. The channel account password was changed due to security reasons.

  5. The channel account was deleted and is no longer available.

  6. The channel is having issues on their end that we have no control over.

    In case of any potential issues mentioned above, we recommend taking the following actions:

  • Check if you are logged into the correct channel account. The verification cannot go through if you are trying to verify sources that "" account added, while you are currently logged into the channel's "" account.

  • Make sure to disable any active ad blockers.

  • Check if any permissions were revoked to sources that you are trying to verify. We recommend checking if the channel account that added the sources, is still able to view data for sources that cannot be verified.

    What is a Channel Account?

    A channel account would be an account that was added to the "Data Sources" section of the website. With the channel account, it's possible to add sources that it has access to, and you would need to be logged into the same account if you would like to verify its connected sources:


    If you have any questions or need additional help, please get in touch with our customer support via live chat or

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