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Google Analytics 4 Filtering

Make a use of Google Analytics with a filter function

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Google Analytics API provides users with a level of flexibility for their data analysis. This feature is great for filtering out data in reports that you want to see, or, on the contrary, want to leave out.

Clicking on any GA4 widget will bring the set-up menu of the widget, and you will be able to create and apply a filter:

After creating your custom filter, don't forget to click on "Apply filter".

If you would like to use this specific filter for other widgets or reports, you can always save it as a filter template. Please follow the following steps on how to achieve this.

Step 1. After creating your filter, click on "Save filter for later" and click on "Apply Filter":

Step 2. Click on "View saved Pre-sets", choose the filter that you need, click on it, and then press "Apply":

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