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Report Building and widgets
Report Building and widgets
See what you can do with Whatagraph reports here.
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Pre-set date ranges
How to remove sources and connected widgets from the reports
Editing your report
How to add and remove rows/lines in the report
Pie and Donut chart limitation
Calendar settings
How to create Multi-source Tables?
Source filter and integrations that support it
Creating Build your own Widgets
Moving reports to folders: a step-by-step guide
How to change your report name?
How to edit automated report settings
Layout and grid options
How to use funnel charts
How to display cumulative data
Adding comments to your report
How does the report automation work?
How to customize your automated report email
Creating custom widgets
Report automation
How to save your report as a template?
How to add and switch between multiple sources in your report?
Linked Report Templates
Why do I see Sample Data in my report?
Widget level filters for widgets
Creating single value widgets
Cross-channel reporting (custom formula)
Table widgets
Creating a goal widget
Creating a multi-channel goal widget
How to change the Title, Description, and Metric name.
Reload widget button – what does it mean?
Adding Margins to your Metrics
Changing icons for the widgets
Using line and area charts
How to use Offline Data widgets
Widget and header sizing
How to change the date format in the account settings
Export your report data to common spreadsheet formats
How to add media widgets to the report
How to create a source filter and a source variant
How to remove or add your own logo to the report and customize the colors
Copy-pasting and deleting widgets
Offline data Positive/Negative increase
How to show more numbers after the comma
How to display a different currency sign in the widget
Scrollable expanded and compact media widgets and tables
Excel and CSV export function