To access individual client report branding, click on the gear icon under your client's folder.

Select the White Label tab in order to access report branding features. 

You can do a couple of things here:

1. Upload logo. This can be either your agency's logo or your client's logo. You can upload different logos to the header and footer sections of your, or have a report without any logos. You can also change the background color of the header and footer.

Note: the recommended logo size is to 802x60 px. You can always resize and move the logo around to find the best place for it. We suggest uploading PNG files.

2. Upload image. Instead of just adding a logo on a plain background, you can upload an image. The header and footer size is 802x60 px, but you can upload a larger file and adjust it using zoom. We also recommend uploading a PNG file for best results.

3. Choose a color theme. You can use the provided templates or build your own color scheme using HEX codes.

4. Customize emails. You can edit the contents of the email in which your reports will arrive, as well as change the subject line, sender name, and set up your agency's domain name if you have a custom one.

5. Make small changes to your widget design.

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