Step 1. Click on Create a report button in your Home screen

Step 2. Select report template from the list. (Start with blank if you want to build the report from scratch)

Step 3. In Widgets tab, you can edit the report by adding and deleting widgets and report pages. You can also add offline widgets for manual data input and use comment blocks for adding your own insights

With Studio you can build own graphs by selecting dimensions, metrics and type of visualisation. 

Step 4. You can change report data source, add additional data sources for a multi-source report, and change reporting dates

Step 5. Edit individual widget by changing the title, adding description, selecting different metrics to show or changing data sorting.

Step 6. Click Done editing

Now you can change reporting date ranges, as well as downloading, automating, sharing your report or saving it as a template. To exit the screen, simply click on Whatagraph logo at the top left corner. 

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