1. Click on Create report button in your home screen, and choose Blank template.

2. Now you need to add data sources to your report. Click on Add new source or choose the source that is already available.

Note: If you have selected one-source template, a source will be automatically assigned from your available data sources.

3. Select as many sources as you need and click on Connect source

Now you can start building your report. 

4. Select a source that you would like to start with - this will open a widget library. 

5. Click on Add text comment button to find report title and calendar widgets and drag them over to start building your report.

6. Go back to Pre-made widgets tab, drag and drop other widgets you need to build the report.

Tip: use search to locate the widget you need faster. 

If there is a widget you cannot find, you can use Studio to build own widgets by taking the data directly from the API.

7. Click Done editing when you are done. 

8. Now you can access the menu for downloading, sharing, automating or saving your report as template. 

9. To exit the screen, click on Whatagraph icon on the top left corner of your screen. 

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