When you first land in your Whatagraph home screen, you have your first client automatically created

Step 1: Name your client

We suggest to change your client's name to something descriptive to keep everything organized. 

  1. To do that,  click on the gear icon at the bottom of your client folder.

  2. In the next page, hover over 'Client 1' at the top, and change the name. This can be a name of your client or their brand (eg. Bombardier), your internal team’s name (eg. Social media team) or even your own company’s name (eg. Whatagraph).

Step 2: Add data sources

When the client is created, you can easily add more data sources.

  1. Click on Add a source under your client’s name.

  2. Select your analytics platform from the list (eg. Google Analytics for website performance tracking).

  3. Tick the data sources you need (specific Google Analytics views or social media pages that you would like to add to that particular client).

  4. Once selected, click on Connect source

  5. Your chosen data sources will land in your client's folder.

Step 3: Adjust your client settings

By clicking on the gear icon, you can access your main client settings. There are all sorts of useful things you can do here:

  1. Assign team members to the client;

  2. Upload your logo to the report;

  3. Change report colour scheme;

  4. Add your domain and reply-to email;

  5. Change date format for the report;

  6. Manage your report email preferences; 

  7. De-activate data sources;

  8. Delete your client.

Next: Start creating reports! 

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