Step 1. Click on the Create report button in your home screen:

Step 2. Select one of the templates for the report, or start with a blank template to build your report from scratch. 

Tip: Depending on the template you choose, you can select the report to show data filtered by different criteria. For example:

📊 Google Analytics report can show data for a specific segment;
📊 Facebook Ads report can filter data by a chosen campaign;
📊 AdWords report can show an overview of ad level performance.

Step 3. You can change the automatically assigned data source for your report by clicking on the current source:

Step 4. You can also add more data sources to your report using the Add new source button: 

Step 5. Edit your report:

  1. Change your report title;

  2. Delete/add widgets; 

  3. Build your own widgets;

  4. Add more data sources to build a multi-source report;

  5. Add logo to your report; 

  6. Add your comments to explain increases/decreases in numbers;

  7. Add manual data using custom widgets;

  8. Check out report data for a different time range, and much more. 

Next: Check out what else you can do with your report!

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