Updated report types in the Instagram integration for accurate Reels data

Important notice: widgets with old report types will not automatically return errors after this update or change. Please change the report type to a new one according to your needs to see accurate data. More details are below.

Meta's Instagram API is constantly updating to represent changes on the platform, especially the spotlight given to the Reels format. We updated " report types " for this integration to follow these changes and make the Instagram data more accurate in Whatagraph.

There are currently 6 report types for Instagram data source: Account, Media, Stories, Image, Video, and Reels. This update affects Media and Reels report types.

What exactly is changed:

Updated "Media" report type

This report type is used for metrics on your posts, whether images or long-form videos. We have now excluded Reels from it.

  • Before the update: widgets with this report type returned combined data on all images, videos, and Reels together.

  • After the update: this report type now includes only data for images and longer videos that are not considered Reels by Instagram

Updated "Reels" report type

This report type is for metrics specific to your Reels only. We have now updated the metrics list for it.

  • Before the update: some of the Reels metrics were missing, while others returned a 0 value

After the update: list of metrics is updated for accuracy, and new metrics added

Clarification on the "Video" report type

The "Video" report type shows combined metrics for both videos and Reels together because Instagram recently merged video posts and Reels. Users started seeing their older video posts marked as "Reels" in the app after that update.

If you have any additional questions concerning Instagram reporting, feel free to contact us through the Live chat.

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