LinkedIn Insights widgets available on Whatagraph

Here is a list of all of our pre-made LinkedIn widgets:

  • Comments

  • Engagement over time

  • Impressions over time

  • Impressions VS Clicks over time

  • Likes

  • New followers over time

  • Page views

  • Shares

  • Top industry by Page views

  • Top job functions by Page views

  • Top locations by Page views

  • Top seniority by Page views

  • Total followers (Shows the total number of followers your account had at the end of the report period)

  • Total followers over time

  • Unique impressions

  • Views over time

LinkedIn Ads widgets available on Whatagraph

`Here is a list of all of our pre-made LinkedIn Ads widgets:

  • Average CTR

  • CPC

  • CPC over time

  • CPM

  • Clicks

  • Clicks and Social Actions over time

  • Conversions over time (Shows total number of times people took the desired action after clicking on or seeing your ad)

  • Cost per Lead

  • Cost per Conversion

  • Costs over time

  • External Website Conversions

  • Leads area chart

  • Impressions

  • Impressions over time

  • One click leads

  • One click leads over time

  • Post click conversions

  • Social actions

  • Top campaigns by Impressions

  • Total Spend over time

  • Total spend in local currency

  • Total spend in USD

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