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Export your report data to common spreadsheet formats
Export your report data to common spreadsheet formats

To analyze report data, upload it to a CRM system, data warehouse, or another tool. Or to let your clients review report data on their own.

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On Whatagraph, we now have two options for data export:

1. Report level export

  • New "Export to Excel" option in "Actions" for any of your reports

  • Export any report as a whole or choose specific pages

  • In the downloaded excel file, you get each widget's dataset on a separate list

2. Widget level export

  • Now "Export to CSV" is in the widgets' menu

  • Won't work with calendar, text, and image widgets


Note to all users of Amazon Ads integration:

Amazon has API limitations that will not allow data export. Hence, the feature will not work on any widgets with Amazon Ads connected as a source.


The export functionality is a work in progress. We’d love your feedback on the further development of various export formats!

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