The Source management is now updated! In brief, it is completely reworked both in-app and on the backend. With this update, we strive to make the source management process as smooth as possible. The “Source management” section is now structured differently. There are three main sections: filters, source count, and the main workspace to manage channels, accounts, and sources. Here's what the new source management looks like:

  • The new structure includes features like filtering by folders as well as source count directly in your source management. Using new filtering functionality you now can quickly select a few of your folders and see only the relevant connected sources. It is also crystal clear how many sources you have connected and how many are left in your plan.

  • Before you used to go to each folder to check your added accounts and sources. Now, you can simply choose a channel on the left side of the source management and see your connected accounts. Once you choose one, you will see all of the available sources. To check which folders are connected to the source, check the "Assigned to folders" section.

  • You can also tick or untick sources from certain folders here:

  • Another new thing to note is that we've also added the ability to see the number of reports that the source is connected to:

  • Additonally, we added a new pop-up message the deletion of the source. Now to delete your source you would need to type “delete” to reduce accidental source removals:

For more information on how to use the new source management, please check the video below:

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