Would you like to customize your report more? If you wish to have a custom domain for your reports when sharing them as public links as well as a custom email address when sending your automated reports, then you should get our Custom Domain (CNAME) feature!

Without this feature, you'll notice that this is how your shared report links would look like:

It will only say "reports.live/shared/...".

And this is what the email address would look like for your automated reports sent via email:

The sender email will be shown as "[email protected]".

With the Custom Domain (CNAME) feature, here are the examples:

This is an add-on with an additional price. Please contact our Customer Success Team (via our live chat or email at [email protected]) for further info.

To set up the Custom Domain (CNAME), we'll need you to think and decide on the domain and subdomain you want to use - SUBDOMAIN.DOMAIN.COM.

Let us know what you've decided on and our Development Team will prepare the DNS records for you to update. This step will require some domain configuration changes on your end. For this, you will have to access your domain settings. If you don’t have access to your domain settings, we’d suggest looping in a colleague who does.

Once you notify us that the DNS records have been updated, our Development Team will finalize the Custom Domain (CNAME) setup process and that's it - you'll have your custom report links and email address ready to share your reports with!

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