Woocommerce, the most popular Wordpress ecommerce plugin, is now integrated with Whatagraph! You can now track and report on your eshop metrics and pair them together with data from more than 30 other performance marketing channels.

The Woocommerce data source includes the most important metrics, such as Orders, Sales, and Items Sold, and is ideal for store owners who want to gain more insight into their ecommerce funnel and report it to their stakeholders.

The integration is available free of charge with Premium and Growth plans and Professional plan customers can purchase it as a separate add on.

Give it a spin by connecting your Woocommerce shop to one of the pre-made templates that you can find in the Whatagraph template gallery.

  • Why we built this?

    • TOP of world-wide ecommerce platforms

    • Requests (TOP3 ecommerce platforms)

    • Booming ecommerce

  • What is this tool?

    • WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

    • Lets any wordpress user create eshop for free

  • How does this tool work?

    • Install plugin

    • Setup eshop (choose themes, functionalities)

    • Add products, groups, discounts, prices, customers etc

    • Set payment methods

    • Collect and manage orders

  • What are the key use cases?

    • SMB eshops

    • Small ecommerces

    • Dropshippers

    • Big brands with temporary, test products

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