If you have a project in your SEMrush account or want to track a competitor, here's how you can connect a SEMrush source on Whatagraph.

Tracking your own project's data

  1. Go to your Whatagraph account's source management, select the location where you want to connect your source to, select the integration (SEMrush, in this case), and then click on "+ New account".


  2. Give your source a name (one that will make it easier for you to identify the source and connect it to your reports later).

  3. Type in the domain and make sure that it matches the one in your SEMrush project perfectly.

  4. Choose the target type: Root domain, Domain, or Url.

  5. Click "Add account".

Tracking your competitor's data

  1. Follow the same step 1 and 2 as mentioned above.

  2. Type in your competitor's domain.

  3. Choose the target type as well.

  4. Click "Add account".

How do we determine the target type, though?

Here are some examples:

  • Root domain works for something like whatagraph.com

  • Domain works for something like live.whatagraph.com

  • Url works for something like whatagraph.com/features

Notes: The data you will be able to pull out for your own SEMrush project depends on the type of plan you have with SEMrush; while you can only pull out the public data of your competitor's domain.

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